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Sheriff Ennis Wright will continue..........

· National Accreditation through CALEA (Maintain our Gold Standard with CALEA as a Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agency like NYPD, LAPD)

· Mentorship Programs (Working with many Churches, Boys and Girls Club, and other mentoring programs to show the positive role models found at the Cumberland County Sheriff’s office)

· Advancing Technology in the Agency (Upgrading our current logistical system along with scanning digitizing written reports, Storage for digital information which is ever increasing in volume for Computer Forensics and Crime Scene Photos)

· Church and Civic Leaders (Jail Ministry along with meeting with church officials discussing concerns and looking for solutions together)

· Deterrent Programs (DUI Deterence Car to discourage our teens and hopefully adults from driving under the influence, Detention Prevention Trailer to hopefully deter juveniles from going to jail, GREAT to teach our youth in school to not bully or take drugs)

· Mental Health Issues (Continuing to maintain The Mental Health Crisis Center at Roxy of Cape Fear Valley, Excited Delirium Training, CIT Training)

· Citizen Well Being Check (every morning our seniors are called and checked on by our personnel and Project Life Saver which is a small tracking device which aids the sheriff’s office in locating our seniors suffering from dementia

· Jail GED program (Helping the ones that are in the jail to receive a high school equivalence degree so hopefully will deter them from continuing in crime)

· Combating ever increasing Opioid epidemics (From pills to Heroin, continuing to go after the drug dealers who continue poison our community. Along with working with state organizations to battle the Opioid epidemic which effects everyone)

· Continue our working relationship with the U.S. Marshal Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), and State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) with combating crime in Cumberland County

· Volunteer Fire Departments (To continue to work together with the volunteer fire departments of Cumberland County in preparedness for natural disasters and biological threats and arson investigations)

· Community Policing Unit (The continued starting and partnering with Community Watch programs along with representing at many social and community events to inform citizens on topics. To prepare and handle Shop With The Sheriff that provides Christmas to children that would otherwise not have one, etc.)

· School Resource deputies (To continue to have deputies in schools to safe guard our children, more importantly to give them access to law enforcement when they have questions or concerns)

· Crossing Guards (Continue to have crossing guards at the intersections of our schools to help keep vehicular traffic safety. While providing safety for our children that walk to school.

· Sex offender registration (First Ever Sex Offender Deputy Conference, Continue with the supervising of 694 registered sex offenders in Cumberland County along with ensuring their prosecution if they violate any of their conditions)

· Firearms Permit Online (To continue to strive to make the obtaining of a pistol permit a expedient process as possible by law)

· Training (Continue to go beyond state mandated hours of training to ensure that deputies receive the best training possible)

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